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Usain Bolt tells David Moyes to sign some midfielders

Usain Bolt recorded a video on Instagram ordering David Moyes to sign some midfielders for Manchester United. We agree.

Shaun Botterill

Manchester United fan Usain Bolt has recorded a video on Instagram insisting that United and David Moyes should sign a creative midfielder.

We have to say, we agree with the big man. We're also currently chasing, supposedly, Marouane Fellaini, Ander Herrera and Daniele De Rossi. Good choices all, but unfortunately in order of most to least likely and least to most needed.

There's been some talk that Herrera could be done, as well as talk that it seems unlikely (although the latter comments are mostly on-the-record stuff from Bilbao, which should obviously be taken with a huge pinch of salt.) De Rossi seems highly unlikely, while Fellaini is looking increasingly done (albeit with the caveat that we'll pay more than the release clause was, so whoever's idea that was wants sacked.)

We'll have live coverage of all the transfer deadline day goings-on both on here for United related stuff and on SBNation Soccer for the wider picture. Do join us.