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Manchester United refute Mesut Ozil rumours, but move could still be on

Manchester United have refuted rumours that the club are preparing to sign Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid.

Carlos Alvarez

Manchester United have now told Sky Sports News that they will not be making a move for Mesut Ozil.

Less than half an hour after the station claimed that Manchester United were set to bid for Mesut Ozil, SSN then clarified that United had told them that they were not interested in a move.

While that's strange, and not good news, it doesn't kill the story dead either. Arsenal are also chasing Ozil, so United may want to keep it as quiet as possible, and it seems strange to refute a deal so quickly after it breaking.

On the other hand, Mark Ogden of the Telegraph, usually good for United news, states that he'd be "surprised" were United to U-turn on the player, having turned down the chance to sign him once already this window. The BBC also say that United aren't in for Ozil, although the silver lining there is that they claim a deal for Herrera is still likely.

Sky Sports News are still usually quite reliable, while the BBC are not and are more likely to be getting the official line from United (which, even in these supposedly more open times is rarely the same as reality), but it's all getting a bit confusing. We could be in for a long day.