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Mesut Ozil to Manchester United summary: Nobody has a clue

Sky Sports News reports that despite Manchester United's refutation that they will move for Mesut Ozil, the club are still in talks over a deal, in direct competition with Arsenal.

Charlie Crowhurst

Sky Sports News report that they are unsure of the situation over Mesut Ozil moving to Manchester United, but that their sources continue to insist that the club have made contact with the player's representatives.

The station reports that United and Arsenal are directly competing over the transfer of the German midfielder from Real Madrid, which may explain why United wanted to issue a denial.

It is stated that any deal will take place in Germany, with all other moves from United having gone slightly quiet, although of course there's plenty of time left. The Mirror report that his move to Arsenal is virtually a done deal, with all sources seemingly issuing conflicting reports. There's been no progress on a deal for Ander Herrera or Marouane Fellaini, but any deals are unlikely to be announced until later this afternoon at the earliest.