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Deadline day update: United could still sign Fabio Coentrao, oddly

Manchester United could still sign Fabio Coentrao, possibly on loan, from Real Madrid in a late but slightly underwhelming twist to a disastrous window.

Jan Kruger

Manchester United could still wrap up a deal for Fabio Coentrao in a late but underwhelming twist to the transfer deadline day.

The deal could possibly be on loan, as United look to add numbers in defence for the new season.

We've pointed out that Coentrao might be a better signing than Leighton Baines before, and he'll still be a good addition, but my god did we need a midfielder more than a left-back. Patrice Evra has started the season in decent form, so it's not a top priority. But at this point we'll take what we can get - he could be another wing option, too.

The deal for Ander Herrera is definitely dead thanks to a combination of tight-fistedness and incompetence. Marouane Fellaini could still happen. Looks like we'll be around for a little while longer to see what happens here. Which should be exciting, but really, really isn't.