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Fabio Coentrao is a Manchester United player...probably

Manchester United have made a somewhat surprising move to sign Fabio Coentrao on loan from Real Madrid.

Lars Baron

Manchester United have signed Fabio Coentrao on a season-long loan deal from Real Madrid.

The Portuguese full-back provides cover for United's left-back position as well as an option out wide on the wings, after the club decided not to bid for the more expensive Leighton Baines.

Personally, I think this is a good deal, although obviously marred by other events tonight. Coentrao is a more well-rounded player than Baines and should fit into our squad quite nicely, and could be a decent acquisition for us. It's not a position we desperately needed with Patrice Evra starting the season well, but cover there is needed, and another option at left-wing is most welcome.

That's that for a pretty disappointing deadline day. We'll have more reaction, rage, anguish, despair, depression, and horrors for you in the morning. But for now, that's it.

Marouane Fellaini, Fabio Coentrao (loan), Guillermo Varela.

Don't compare it to our rivals' signings, you'll only have nightmares.

UPDATE: Or is he? Marca report that Coentrao will stay, and there are a lot of conflicting reports, although the English reports seemed pretty sure. More if there are any developments...