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Manchester City 2-0 Manchester United: Blues comfortably lead at half-time

Manchester United have been extremely poor in trailing to Manchester City at half-time, but there's still the chance to turn the game around.

Laurence Griffiths

Manchester United have been highly disappointing in the first half against Manchester City, with the Blues 2-0 up through Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure.

It's not been the most eventful half, but United have struggled to get into the game at all, thanks to a bizarre lack of pressing and sitting deep, with Robin van Persie also much-missed. In truth, United have barely had a sniff of goal, and City perhaps ought to have made more of the opportunities they have.

The breakthrough came on the 16-minute mark, when Aleksandr Kolarov's cross eluded most of the players in the area (with Rio Ferdinand guilty of some poor defending in the air) except Aguero, who managed to volley home from a tight angle.

It seemed we'd only have a one-goal lead to turn around, but with City gaining a late corner, Yaya Toure was on hand at the far post to deflect the ball into the net and make the task twice as difficult.

The most shocking thing has been United's lack of pressing, although some creativity is much needed too. Shinji Kagawa needs to be introduced at some point, and Javier Hernandez might be a better alternative than Danny Welbeck at some point. There's still a chance to turn this around, but we're going to need to be a lot braver than we have been so far. This is comfortably the worst we've played this season.