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Mourinho cried after missing out on Manchester United job

A new book in Spain claims that José Mourinho was so devastated not to get the Manchester United job after Sir Alex Ferguson's departure that he cried at hearing that David Moyes had been chosen.

Alex Livesey

José Mourinho had his heart set on the Manchester United job to such an extent that he cried upon hearing that David Moyes was the man chosen to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, according to a new book in Spain.

The book, entitled Preparense para perder (Get Ready To Lose) by El Pais' writer Diego Torres, lifts the lid on Mourinho's reaction to being snubbed for the job.

Speaking of Mourinho's desperate attempt to get in touch with Gestifute, Jorge Mendes' sports agency, the extract stated: "Jose Mourinho did not stop calling employees. Those he was talking to, could hear him noisily sobbing and word spread. The most feared man in the company was crushed."

Mourinho's apparent reaction to David Moyes appointment was the angry dismissal: "but he's won nothing!"

There may be even fewer dry eyes with United fans hearing this - partly with laughter, but if things continue down the present path, then some may well not be...