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Manchester United vs. Liverpool, League Cup: Preview

David Moyes will get the chance to put right some of Sunday's wrongs by taking on Liverpool in the League Cup at Old Trafford.

Shaun Botterill

David Moyes is a religious man, and having failed to keep last sabbath holy, he'll probably be looking to atone for some of his sins tonight as his Manchester United side take on Liverpool.

Even the media attention surrounding Luis Suarez's return has taken a back seat thanks to the United In Crisis narrative, thanks to the walloping at City. If we lose tonight, we can be sure of a storm of negative press concerning Moyes and the club, although a run of fairly easy games coming up means that any serious problems aren't likely to be encountered anytime soon.

I wrote elsewhere recently that David Moyes needs to take the chance on a younger and more exciting team, to show us he's making progress at the club. Hopefully, we'll get to see Rafael or Fabio at right-back tonight. Hopefully, Shinji Kagawa, Wilfried Zaha, Adnan Januzaj or all three will start. Nani is also available. Hopefully, we'll see something of Javier Hernandez. These are all possibilities, but if we get none of them then it'll be highly disappointing.

Hopefully, we'll approach the game in the right frame of mind. The need for a victory could make Moyes withdraw to pragmatism once again, but there's a lot more to be won in playing the right way.

We'll have live coverage of the game on here, which will start with the lineups around an hour before kickoff.