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Manchester United's David Moyes sighted in Italy on scouting mission

Manchester United's David Moyes was spotted earlier at the Cagliari-Juventus match, with several rumoured targets featuring in the game.

Enrico Locci

Manchester United's David Moyes was spotted in Sardinia at the Cagliari-Juventus clash today.

It's not precisely clear who he will be watching, however. Claudio Marchisio has been linked to United in the press, but the link seems a slightly tenuous one. Instead, suggestions have surfaced that he could well be taking a look at Davide Astori, Cagliari's centre-back who has attracted a number of suitors recently.

More intriguingly, the very hit-and-miss Gianluca di Marzio mentioned Arturo Vidal as one possible target, although for the summer rather than now. Vidal is pretty much the perfect player to fix our problems and we ought to have signed him when Juventus did, but it seems very unlikely the Bianconeri would entertain the idea of a sale anytime soon, although there could be some behind-the-scenes skulduggery we're unaware of.

The Italian also mentioned forward Victor Ibarbo as a potential target. What's strange is that it must have been pretty urgent - Moyes was originally scheduled to go and watch Getafe-Rayo, say the Mirror, but has now sent Phil Neville instead. Intriguing...