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Could Rafael and Fábio really leave Manchester United in the summer?

According to an interview with the agent of United's da Silva twins, both Rafael and Fábio could be off in the summer. But is that really realistic?

Thananuwat Srirasant

Italian website Calciomercato definitely shouldn't be trusted when it comes to transfer rumours. However, it's slightly less likely -- though admittedly not completely out of the realms of possibility -- that they'd fabricate an entire interview. They claim in an 'exclusive' they published online today to have spoken to the agent of Rafael and Fábio da Silva, who apparently had some interesting things to say.

He rubbished speculation linking the twins -- of course, rumours clearly assume they come with a 'multipack bag, not to be sold separately' warning -- with moves to Inter Milan or Napoli in January, describing it as just "media speculation." Unfortunately, he added:

"Today I can say that they will remain in Manchester until the end of the season, though in the summer it is very likely they could leave."

The idea the twins could leave United is highly distressing, not least for the potential loss of their world class cuddliness factor.

But, there's no reason to despair yet. After all, the idea that Rafael would be sold is ridiculous given that he's consistently shown himself to be one of the best full-backs in the Premier League since establishing himself as a United regular.

With Chris Smalling not half as good as the Brazilian when he's filled in at right-back this season, it would take some colossal stupidity to let Rafael go. Even if Moyes isn't overly enamoured, there are much bigger holes in the defence that could do with being patched up. Not to mention that gaping one in the midfield.

However, Fábio's United future does seem far less certain. Unlike Rafael -- whose contract still has a couple of years left to run -- his deal expires in the summer. He has made only one appearance in the Premier League so far this season, having never quite convinced as much as his brother.

Even so, he's still undoubtedly talented, and if he does elect to leave in a few months, who can blame him?