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Van Persie speaks out on David Moyes' Manchester United future, and Wayne Rooney

Robin van Persie has been in the press today, where he's given quotes on David Moyes' future at Manchester United and his partnership with Wayne Rooney.

Chris Brunskill

Some Robin van Persie quotes doing the rounds today, fortunately as there's very little else going on. There's a short video interview with the man on the Guardian's website, where he discusses David Moyes, saying:

"He needs time like everyone, especially if you're new at such a big club. I don't think people understand that they have to give him a little bit more time. He will get that time, everyone's confident that he will change things sooner rather than later."

"He's our manager, he's doing his best, and I think he will turn things around."

Van Persie also gives an interview to the official UEFA Champions League magazine, with quotes appearing in the Daily Mail. Here he talks more about the Netherlands and his past, but also his current partnership with Wayne Rooney (albeit slightly with a touch of the Brendans when going into nine-and-a-halves and other nonsense):

"We realise that we are stronger when we are playing together, as a partnership. You are always stronger, in any sport, in life, when you are doing stuff together. With a player of Wayne's calibre, we can go from strength to strength, and we can become even better. One game he will score a couple, the next game I will score a couple. It is important that this partnership is becoming even stronger."

"In a way we are both ‘nine-and-a-halves', because we can play high up front and we can drop. That is an extra quality we have, which is quite rare. If you look around you have loads of main strikers, target men, foxes-in-the-boxes, and you have No 10s who are dropping in more.

"With us it's not obvious because we can both do that job. Wayne is doing a bit more, because he is playing behind me, but we can both do it."