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Manchester United's Wayne Rooney unavailable for Chelsea, says David Moyes

David Moyes has confirmed that Wayne Rooney will not be available for Manchester United's game against Chelsea on Sunday, with the forward still nursing an injury.

Michael Regan

Wayne Rooney is still injured and will not feature against Chelsea on Sunday, David Moyes has confirmed.

Moyes said: "He's training, doing some running & looking good. I don't want to put a date on his return."

Robin van Persie will also be absent, but we all knew that anyway. He hasn't even gotten back to training yet, either, with Moyes confirming: "I'm hoping Robin has a good chance of training at the start of next week. It would be a great boost."

So, are we doomed? Well, probably, but let's try and look for the positives.

Err... well, we have Danny Welbeck, and his scoring record in the Premier League is better than Alvaro Negredo's.

Um.... at least we won't field a plainly-unfit Rooney like we did against Tottenham.

Oh, yes! Marouane Fellaini has resumed training again after his wrist operation! Thank goodness for that. Our saviour is unlikely to return for the Chelsea game but maybe we'll see him in the lineup sometime soon...