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Manchester United deny Juan Mata bid, for now

Manchester United have denied that they have made a £37m bid for Chelsea's Juan Mata, according to the Daily Mirror.

Scott Heavey

Well, that was over quickly. I hope you enjoyed the 30 minutes in between the two stories though. Well, Viagra is so expensive nowadays. Manchester United have told the Daily Mirror that they have not made a £37m bid for Juan Mata.

Of course, this comes with the pretty colossal disclaimer that clubs never, ever speak the truth in public, especially about transfer matters. So we should take this with a gigantic pinch of salt and assume that at least part of the original story holds up.

Which, by the way, we aren't sure what it was. Maybe United haven't bid for Mata yet because they're going to tomorrow. Maybe they're still weighing up their options. Maybe they have bid for Mata and they're just issuing a hasty denial to ensure things progress smoothly.

In short, nobody really knows exactly what's going on. But expect there to be further updates on this. A denial from the club will definitely not be the last you hear about this deal. They also denied we'd fail to sign any great players, play terrible football and end up in mid-table after Alex Ferguson left, and look how that turned out. See, there's always a silver lining...

UPDATE: The initial story has now appeared on the Telegraph website, and it doesn't claim that we've made a bid. Merely that we might in the next few days, since Chelsea are open to selling and United are interested. In other words, the denial contradicts nothing. This story definitely has more to come.