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Manchester United in 'encouraging' negotiations for Juventus midfielder - report

Manchester United have been involved in early negotiations with Arturo Vidal and have been encouraged by the prospect of completing a deal at some point, according to ESPN's Miguel Delaney.

Claudio Villa

Manchester United have been in transfer negotiations with Arturo Vidal over the prospect of the Chilean midfielder moving to Old Trafford at some point, according to a report by Miguel Delaney on ESPN.

According to Delaney, the deal is still some way off, but with Vidal on pretty low wages at Juventus, United could significantly increase his salary. The report also states that Juventus are prepared to be 'pragmatic' over transfers, meaning they could well be receptive to a huge offer for the midfielder, although it may not be to the summer.

Delaney is usually pretty reliable with United news, as he was in the summer, and while this one might be a bit of a slow burner, and one that we'd be surprised to see happen this window at TBB Towers, we're still encouraged by the news. There's no doubt that Vidal is the perfect player for United, and this moves along quite seamlessly with Moyes' mission to Sardinia last week.