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Juan Mata reportedly tells friends and family he's leaving Chelsea

According to the Telegraph's Matt Law, Juan Mata has told his loved ones he's joining United.

Julian Finney

Well this one really is moving quickly. It now looks like only official confirmation is preventing the completion of Juan Mata's transfer from Chelsea to Manchester United. The Spaniard has reportedly told his friends and family that a move to Old Trafford is imminent, after missing the Blues' training session earlier today.

According to the Daily Telegraph's Matt Law:

Obviously there's no way of verifying this, though it's unlikely that Law would've just plucked it from thin air. The Telegraph was the paper that first broke the Mata story a couple of nights ago, and it seems they're really on the ball with this deal.

Now United, hurry up and let's see him holding up the red shirt. With any luck he'll be in the squad for United's next league game against Cardiff on Tuesday.