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Juan Mata "still in London", Manchester United deal "very unlikely" tonight

It looks like we'll almost certainly be waiting until tomorrow until Juan Mata is a Manchester United player, with suggestions that he'd flown in to Manchester weren't true.

Laurence Griffiths

Unfortunately, it looks as though there's to be no unveiling today, children. Juan Mata is still in London, and therefore very unlikely to conclude his move to Manchester United tonight.

Everybody still 100% expects this to go through so there's no real need to be worried. But Mark Ogden of the Telegraph, who has probably been the most consistently reliable journalist on United matters, states that Mata is indeed still in the south and we won't be seeing too much more tonight.

Of course, he could still be taking his medical this evening, possibly, so we might get some sightings, and the old bed-sheets might come out again, possibly with 'GLAZER OUT' hastily painted out of it.

Still, this doesn't happen too often, so maybe it's best that we can savour it. Hopefully the sheer weight of 'WELCOME TO THE THEATRE OF DREAMS, JUAN MATA' videos posted to Youtube hasn't scuppered it.