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Mata to Manchester United: Chelsea fans react hilariously

Juan Mata is moving to Manchester United, and in the excitement, we've forgotten one of the best things about the transfer: this is really, really, going to hurt a lot of people.

Angel Martinez

Presenting for your amusement, some of the best reactions to the Juan Mata deal. Obviously some of these were posted when the rumour first happened, because hindsight is a wonderful thing (although not so much as schadenfreude.)

Oh, and a warning that some of these are mildly NSFW (by which we mean Bad Words, not that any Chelsea fans have taken to nudity or ultraviolence as a way of dealing with their emotions... yet.)

Got that? Juan Mata is proper, proper, proper, proper, proper, proper Chelsea. He might as well be singing "No Surrender" on the Kings Road on the way to his plastering job. Proper, proper, proper Chelsea.

Wait, what? Who's been saying that?

Seriously? He's been there TWO AND A HALF YEARS. And he left the first time he was second choice in the team. And he asked to join United! Fair enough there was a World Cup, but good god, he's hardly Matt le Tissier, is he? (In so many ways.)



the quality of being loyal.
"his extreme loyalty to the Crown"


A Spanish player who moves to England at the behest of an oil-rich club to play for said club for two and a bit years before moving on after throwing a strop once out of a team and asking to join their biggest rivals.

Oh, and lastly, we promised swears, so here they are. Someone see if this man is OK. Get his belt and laces.