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After signing Juan Mata, Manchester United line up whopping £62m deal for Wayne Rooney

Manchester United are apparently set to give Wayne Rooney a ridiculous £300,000 a week until 2018 to keep him at the club, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Michael Regan

Manchester United will follow up the signing of Juan Mata with a massive £300,000 per week contract for Wayne Rooney, according to the Telegraph.

This is certainly something. I've been pretty much firmly in the Rooney Out camp ever since his second transfer request, but I could see the sense in keeping him. What I can't see the sense in is giving a wage RISE to an already grossly overpaid player who is quite clearly on a downward trend. He's been good this year, but the kind of performances that earned him his £250,000 per week current deal are never coming back, so this makes almost no sense.

Normally given the club's ridiculous income levels and Glazernomics we shouldn't be too worried about how much we're spending on players, but this will really eat into the budget. Over the four years, that would be £62m spent. And Rooney has a long history of going through troughs of form just as severe and long as his peaks.

We'll see how this one develops.