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Juan Mata confirms his Manchester United signing on Twitter

Juan Mata appeared to confirm that he has signed for Manchester United by changing his Twitter bio to reflect his status as a red.

Angel Martinez

It seems like the Juan Mata deal could finally be done, as yet another indication that he's signed for Manchester United came in the shape of the player changing his Twitter bio.

It now reads:

"Twitter oficial del jugador del Manchester United y de la selección española / Official Twitter account of Manchester United's player"

Mata seems to be a pretty prolific tweeter, in English and in Spanish, although in such a way that it's difficult to tell whether or not the account is run by him or his representatives. Hopefully he might have something interesting to say than the usual 'good to get the three points/we were robbed' but I wouldn't get too excited.

Whether we'll get an announcement on this or not tonight remains to be seen. Whether or not we'll get an announcement on something else seems very likely - there's more Manchester United transfer news ready to drop later, so stay tuned.