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Officially Official: Manchester United complete Juan Mata deal

It's all over - Juan Mata is officialy a Manchester United player after the club announced his signing from Chelsea.

Angel Martinez

Finally, it's over. Juan Mata is a Manchester United player. No ifs, no buts, no subject to medicals or personal agreements, and best of all, no Chelseas.

The deal, of course, is believed to be around £37m while his wages are suggested to be around the £150,000 a week mark (significantly less than Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, if anyone's bothered about that sort of thing.)

United announced the signing on their Twitter feed:

So, this means he's also very likely to be registered in time for the game against Cardiff City. We can now look forward and start dreaming if we hadn't been already.

Full quotes from Juan Mata's first interview as a Manchester United player will be posted on the site to follow. You can keep track of the story in our storystream here.