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Manchester United persuading Wayne Rooney to sign new contract with 'transfer secrets' - report

Manchester United have reportedly furnished Wayne Rooney with privileged transfer information in a bid to encourage him to sign a new contract.

Chris Brunskill

In a remarkable break from how things were done under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United have given Wayne Rooney privileged transfer information in a bid to encourage him to sign a new contract, according to the Guardian's Daniel Taylor.

Not only that, but the forward is also reportedly set to be handed a deal worth £300,000 a week, be given a testimonial and handed the captaincy "at some point over the next few years."*

*Reports that United are set to rename Old Trafford after their Scouse overlord and emblazon his face on the front of the shirt are, however, unconfirmed.

It's certainly not bad going for a player who has shown little loyalty -- more like consistent disloyalty -- and often poor form for the Reds. Though Rooney is having an excellent season, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth to consider we're going to hand him the captaincy in return for his couple of transfer requests.

Still, if there is an upside to all of this, it's that Rooney will have to be suitably impressed with United's transfer targets and 'vision' if he's going to stay. It could still mean that United are planning on some big signings in the summer.

On an interesting aside, Daniel Taylor revealed in another article that Chelsea's interest in Rooney was the reason that the Reds went through a third party to complete the Mata transfer. Not a single word was spoken between clubs, with Ed Woodward fearing Rooney would be dragged into the negotiations.