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Manchester United defender leaves club on a permanent deal

Fabio da Silva has joined Cardiff City on a permanent deal, the club have confirmed, bringing his Manchester United career to an end.

Victor Fraile

A sad day, readers. Fabio da Silva's Manchester United career is at an end as he joins Cardiff City on a permanent deal.

It was probably to be expected, and it's a bit suspicious that he couldn't get a game in midfield or defence for either David Moyes or Queens Park Rangers, but here we are. Rated as the better of the two Da Silva brothers when he arrived, he now leaves the club having failed to make his mark.

Fabio is still a player of undoubted potential so it will be interesting to see in the fullness of time whether we missed out here. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may very well have another good player on his hands.

As for a replacement, well, it doesn't look likely today anyway. Alexander Buttner will likely continue to deputise for Patrice Evra, and we'll probably be signing a left-back in the summer.

Here's when he and his brother started on the flanks and ripped Arsenal a new one. Adios, vamos, arrivederci, and whatever else it is they say in the Brazilian language.