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Nemanja Vidić's agent 'rules out' extension with Manchester United

United face the prospect of losing captain Nemanja Vidić in the summer, after his agent ruled out a contract extension.

Michael Regan

Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidić could leave the Red Devils at the end of the season after an Old Trafford extension was 'ruled out'. Vidić's current deal expires in June, with his agent Silvano Martina reportedly telling Napoli's Radio CRC:

"Vidić, given his contract situation, has several teams looking at him. Vidić is a very good player and will have no trouble finding a new club. For the time being we are remaining calm. However, at the moment, I would rule out an extension with Manchester United."

Unsurprisingly there are already teams queuing up to sign Vidić, with Tuttosport reporting that Juventus, Fiorentina and Napoli have all held talks with the centre-back. Of course this could just be a negotiating tactic from Martina, though it wouldn't be all too surprising to see Vidić leave.

His potential departure isn't as frightening as it would've been a couple of years ago, with the 32-year-old having failed to live up to his once-imperious defensive performances while struggling with persistent injury problems. However, he hasn't yet dipped to Rio Ferdinand levels of ineptitude, and in the absence of defensive reinforcements, losing the captain would be a blow -- both on and off the field.