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David Moyes is losing the dressing-room, says a new report

The Guardian suggest that things are taking a turn for the worse at Manchester United, with the dressing room beginning to turn on David Moyes. How true that is remains to be seen...

Laurence Griffiths

David Moyes is beginning to lose the Manchester United dressing-room, according to a report in the Guardian.

The paper claims that several key players are beginning to question Moyes' methods, in particular the departure of backroom staff members like Rene Meulensteen, Eric Steele, and (arf) Mike Phelan.

This story seems like one that would not exist but for sub-editors, however. There have been rumblings about Robin van Persie's disquiet for some time now, although that isn't mentioned in the article, which then states "there is no sense of a player mutiny at present." We then get a collection of minor events over the season in an attempt to string together a narrative.

Nemanja Vidic's agent's comments are mentioned first, then minor breaks from the party line by Danny Welbeck and Rio Ferdinand. Not a great deal to be concerned about, particularly with Ferdinand surely off at the end of the season and Vidic's usefulness on the wane too.

It's odd that the Guardian should choose to run with this now - although the past few games have been down to a loss of form and confidence as well as a lack of quality, and we should not be so myopic as to assume United are immune to this sort of thing purely by virtue of being United. But for now, it's nothing too drastic.