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Are United about to pay Tyler Blackett £50,000 a week?

According to reports, United's young defender is in line for a whopping pay rise.

Mike Hewitt

Big excting news for Tyler Blackett in the Daily Mail:

Tyler Blackett to be rewarded with new £50,000-a-week Manchester United contract

Wow. That's ... a lot. Let's see what's going on.

Manchester United are ready to give Tyler Blackett a new contract.

No surprise there. His current deal is up at the end of the season, apparently, and he's been playing pretty well. Still, £50,000 a week seems a lot.

The 20-year-old defender is currently earning just £2,000 a week at Old Trafford.

That'll be because he was a reserve until recently. Hell of a jump to £50,000, mind. That's a ... counts on fingers ... 2500% pay rise.

Blackett has been playing alongside the likes of Wayne Rooney and Angel di Maria this season — who both earn three times more per week than he does in a year.

Well, yes. Though by football's only completely deranged internal logic, it's hard to argue against their wages -- against Di Maria's, anyway -- whereas £50,000-a-week does seem a lot for a player with six appearances.

But United boss Louis van Gaal has recommended to the board that the youngster is rewarded for his breakthrough into the first team with a deal representative of his new standing.

Is £50,000-a-week representative?

This means Blackett will jump up to somewhere near the £50,000-a-week level when he signs his new contract.

Somewhere near? SOMEWHERE NEAR!? So ... not actually £50,000-a-week, then? Actually "less than £50,000-a-week"?

United's early-season injury crisis thrust Blackett in to the fray and Van Gaal believes he has a future at Old Trafford.

"Somewhere near." Get out, Daily Mail. Get out.