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Herrera hails "best three strikers in world football"

His colleagues, he means. He's not just listing his favourites.

Laurence Griffiths

Ander Herrera is doing everything right. Passing the ball quickly and incisively, buzzing around energetically, scoring a couple of goals ... if it wasn't for his irritating knack of picking up injuries, he'd have made more or less the perfect start to his Manchester United career.

He's also getting the hang of one of football's less-appreciated arts: the buttering up of his more famous colleagues in interviews. Speaking to this month's Inside United (and quoted on, Herrera was effusive in his praise for the strikers he has arrayed before him:

I like assists [...] I think we have maybe the best three strikers in the world here in Rooney, van Persie and Falcao.

Not that they can do all the work, of course:

I want to try to score more goals. It's very important for the midfielders. Juan, Angel, Adnan, Daley, Fletch and me are all going to help them try to score, and if I score of course I'll be very happy.

You have no idea how tempted tBB was to headline this HERRERA SNUBS CARRICK. Anyway, the young Spaniard seems to be enjoying himself so far:

The Premier League is a great league. It's a very quick league, non-stop and great spectacle for the fans. That's good because sometimes in other countries there are more teams that try to keep the ball in their end of the pitch but in the Premier League you will see a lot of goals. It's a difficult league, there are tough games against Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, City and Everton; it's a great challenge.

Heal quickly, please, Ander.