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Real Madrid defender had "one foot" at United

Sadly, football is a game of two feet. Should call it "feetball", really.

Julian Finney

This was sort-of common knowledge anyway, but Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Raphael Varane, Real Madrid footballer and current holder of the title Best Young Central Defender In The World, was on the verge of joining Manchester United before eventually heading to Spain.

I was on holiday and in Madrid. Zinedine Zidane arrived with a DVD and I thought 'that player, with two years' work with us, would be fantastic'. Varane had one foot at Manchester United but Real Madrid are very strong and Rapha came to us.

Now, obviously Varane's no Jonny Evans Phil Jones Chris Smalling Tyler Blackett Michael Carrick Darren Fletcher Paddy McNair, but it's not unfair to suggest that he probably could have done a decent job in the middle of United's defence. But we're not going to think about that, because it's make tBB sad. And we're certainly not going to watch the vine below over and over and over and over and over and over and over ...