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"Should have passed": Watch Gary Neville analyse Ryan Giggs' 1999 wondergoal

"A little bit greedy ... the chest hairs are starting to pop out."

And you thought this goal was perfect, hey? Oh, how wrong you were. Not one, not two but three perfectly good passing opportunities squandered, as Ryan Giggs took the ridiculous decision to try to slalom through the entire Arsenal defence. Yes, it worked, but was it sensible? Not if you're Gary Neville ...

... okay, he was joking. This video comes from some awards do or other, in which Ryan Giggs was presented with a pair of golden lycra shorts for services to yoga.

Incidentally, Giggs would later say that the only reason he ran at the defence that night was because his passing had been appalling. This raises two possibilities. First, if he'd tried to roll the ball across to Paul Scholes, he might have missed. Or second, perhaps he was trying to square it, and ended up accidentally blootering the pass into the top of the net. We'll just never know.

Also incidentally, does Scholes get so excited at the end that he nearly takes his shirt off as well?