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Van Gaal: United team unbalanced

Louis van Gaal has spoken of the need for 'balance' at Manchester United, as fans who have been watching Tyler Blackett and Paddy McNair hold the line for Angel Di Maria, Falcao and Juan Mata may agree.

Michael Regan

Internationals are over, but we still have to wait until Monday until Manchester United travel to West Brom. That in mind, let's squeeze out what enjoyment we can - it's pre-match press conference time!

Instead of merely hitting the 'send assistant' button, Van Gaal decided to take the opportunity to talk down the glorious stuff his side have been playing:

"We could have done better because I don't think we're balanced yet. The players understand the philosophy but they must perform it. I'm looking for balance, not just spectacular attacking football."

"But Louis, you signed Angel di Maria and Radamel Falcao to a team that already had Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and Robin van Persie. And you just bought three left-backs and a defensive midfielder who is slow and not great at tackling. Don't get us wrong, we're very grateful, but surely this was to be expected?", journalists did not then go on to say due to sheer terror.