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Shaw acknowledges he has room to improve

Manchester United's young defender believes he hasn't been dreadful, but knows he can get better.

Michael Regan

Luke Shaw, Manchester United's left-back elect for the next ten years, has made a slightly sticky start to his time at Old Trafford. Issues with fitness delayed his introduction to the team, and last night against West Brom, he had what we might politely call an interesting first half.

Anyway, it turns out Shaw himself isn't entirely happy with his game.

I know I haven't been up to my full potential and I think maybe people can see that at the moment. I am trying hard and it's about getting used to everything. When you come to a club like this it's never easy for a young player like me. But I'll get myself started soon and put in good performances. I wouldn't say I've been horrendous but I know I can do much better. And I need to do better. I've come to Manchester United and I know what they need. I've been working hard and the performances will come.

Shaw, like Van Gaal, views the 2-2 result against West Brom as two points dropped rather than one salvaged.

We're Man United, we come to win every game. It's two points lost because we were positive ahead of the game. They only had two shots on target [but scored two goals] and that's not good enough for us. We'll focus hard this week and be ready for the game on Sunday.

Good. Because Eden Hazard slightly better than Graham Dorrans.