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Louis van Gaal: Robin van Persie's celebration was 'stupid'

Louis van Gaal described Robin van Persie's celebration in the wake of United's last-gasp equaliser against Chelsea as 'stupid'.

Alex Livesey

Today's Almost Certainly Going To Be Exaggerated In the British Press story comes courtesy of Louis van Gaal's comments in the aftermath of Robin van Persie's last-gasp equaliser against Chelsea yesterday. Quoted in the Guardian, the United boss CHASTISED and LAMBASTED the STUPID van Persie by saying:

"He did a stupid reaction after the goal. You can be excited but you don't have to pull your shirt off because then you have a yellow card. It is not so smart."

However, do we really thing Van Gaal's going to be bothered by the teacher's pet going wild at finally finding the net? Probably not. Plus, as Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf said:

Let's hope that's not something we'll have to witness in the future ...