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Falcao agrees personal terms — reports

According to the papers, United have set the terms of a future permanent contract for the club's Colombian striker.

Laurence Griffiths

We'll level with you here. TBB sort of assumed that this had already happened; after all, if a club and a player('s representatives) agree a future transfer fee, wouldn't you sort the wages as well? And if not, then what were they talking about all day at Carrington?

Well apparently it hadn't happened. Or at least, if it had happened, then nobody told the Daily Mail, who have only just found out. According to that august organ, Radamel Falcao and Manchester United have agreed on the wages and sundry associated payments -- your image rights, your goal bonuses, your etc. and so ons -- that will be coming his way if the move is made permanent at the end of the season. £250,000 a week, since you ask.

(Yes, that is ten times the UK national average wage every week. No, nobody involved has any apparent shame about that fact. Yes, it is a terrible world we live in. No, the angry rise of the seas and the furious descent of the skies can't come soon enough.)

Obviously, the really interesting question surrounding the Falcao deal is whether United have to complete the deal regardless of his form and/or fitness over the season. His representatives claimed at the time the deal was done that a transfer was inevitable, but United have maintained throughout that they will have the option. The Mail, for their part, echo United's position, but also report that United do not have a clause allowing them to terminate the deal should his knee explode.