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Falcao admits United "gambled" on his fitness

United's newest striker says he'll need time to get to his best, but that he's very happy at Old Trafford.

Laurence Griffiths

Finally off the mark at Old Trafford, Radamel Falcao has been talking to the Manchester Evening News about his summer and his transfer to Manchester United. He has not, however, been talking about any interest from Real Madrid that might or might not have existed:

I would rather not to talk about that. It is already past and I have to look to the future. I have to look to Manchester United. I am very happy here.

Apparently, United's decision to take him on loan despite his knee injury has made him feel all warm and gooey inside:

There were many talks and speculations but Manchester United were the ones that gambled on me when it was very difficult to do so. I really appreciate that. I am in one of the best clubs in the world. In terms of my thoughts and plans for the future, I want to stay at Manchester United for the coming years.

As for the football itself, he's of the opinion that both the team and he are getting better with each week:

The amount of new signings have prevented us to have an easy adaptation. Some players arrived when the Premier League had already started. But we are progressing and playing better. I'm still going to need some time to be OK, but I am feeling very comfortable and very good on the pitch, in harmony with myself, with the ball and with football.

Oh. Oh no. Oh, we should have guessed from the headband. United have signed a hippie.