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Old Trafford named "loudest" Premier League ground

Can you hear United sing? Yes, apparently.

Clive Rose

Well, the football wasn't great, but Old Trafford was still noisy. United fans -- along with a few Crystal Palace fans -- were the loudest in the country this weekend, at least according to the Press Association. Reporters took microphones to each top flight fixture and United came out on top, with a decibel reading of 84. As the PA man said:

It was loud inside Old Trafford at the time, with plenty of the noise also coming from the Palace fans.

It appears that the test relates to the opening minute of each fixture. Obviously there's a lot that could affect the results: an early goal for the home side, say, could have completely skewed the results. As a scientific exercise, then, we have out doubts. But still, results are results, and so after the International Champions Cup, we are delighted to procliam this the second trophy of Louis van Gaal's reign at Manchester United. Somebody sort an open top bus.