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United to sell Juan Mata and replace him with wonderkid playmaker?

There's a suggestion doing the rounds that Manchester United may sell Juan Mata and bring in Mateo Kovacic as a replacement. But there's a problem...

Maurizio Lagana

Juan Mata is a fairly divisive player among Manchester United's support. Even the ruling council of TBB is split on the matter, unable to decide if he's a luxury player who goes missing when we need him most, or whether he's a genius who guarantees goals and assists.

So it may intrigue some people for a variety of reasons to hear that Mata has apparently been put up for sale for the sum of just £20m. Juventus, Valencia and Atletico are among the suitors.

Then there's another related rumour - that Mateo Kovacic will be the one to replace him. TBB would all be very excited by this - the Croatian is a more versatile player than Mata and will probably end up being a bit better in general.

There's a problem here though. Firstly, the Mata rumour comes from the Daily Express, so it's as good as worthless, and the Kovacic stuff is related to a tenuous old link and some Dario Srna quotes suggesting he leaves Italy.

In other words: nothing to see here... for now.