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No "short-term fixes" for United in January

Ed Woodward indicates that Manchester United are unlikely to be doing any shopping this January.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Bad news for Ron Vlaar and Winston Reid. Well, bad news for their agents, at any rate; the players might be perfectly happy where they are. Either way, Manchester United's designated money-spunker Ed "Eddington Woodington" Woodward has ruled out the possibility of United charging into the transfer market this January.

As such, it's likely that United won't be doing any notable business this winter. Woodward, who was speaking in a conference call to investors, elaborated on United's policy:

However, we have targets that we are looking at for next summer and should any of those become available in January, which is rare, we will consider acting. But it terms of expectations we all need to recognise that's a low probability.

Which means that Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Jonny Evans have six months to save their Manchester United careers. Get fit and get good, lads.