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Daley Blind NOT out for six months

However, Manchester United's versatile midfielder will still miss a fair chunk of the season.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Manchester United's official Twitter account is a strange thing. That it sprang to life so soon after Alex Ferguson's retirement suggests that old Ferg didn't want anything to do with it, but since then, it's flourished into a prime example of Corporate Twitter: lots of "customer engagement", much of it embarrassing.

But one thing you'd normally assume is accuracy. Whoever is running the thing should, by virtue of being the Official Twitter Account, have good information. So when @ManUtd announces that Daley Blind is going to be out for six months, naturally panic, chaos, woe, gnashing of teeth and demands for Kevin Strootman follow.

Well, that turns out to have been nonsense. According to Louis van Gaal, that estimate -- the tweet itself was swiftly deleted -- is far too pessimistic. Weeks, not months; perhaps as many ten to twelve, but not twenty-four. Panic over. Well, panic simmered down a bit. He still won't be putting on red for a while.