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Van Gaal explains how United beat Arsenal

Tactics, tactics, and more tactics. We think LVG enjoyed this one.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

If there's one thing more satisfying than getting things right, it's getting things right and then telling the entire nation how you did it. So tBB imagines that Louis van Gaal greatly enjoyed explaining to the press exactly how he decided to beat Arsenal on Saturday evening.

Step one? Well, step one after riding out an opening 25 minutes in which the home team should have had one and could have had three? Take advantage of the fact that Arsenal are the most predictable football team in the history of football, and switch to a handy formation designed to take advantage of same:

That is why I play this formation because now I have to play with two young defenders, yes, it was a risk, but I was sure that Arsenal wants to attack and to press us, then, you know that Arsenal is giving a lot of space away.

Step two? Stick your good players on their exposed defenders:

And then [Per] Mertesacker and our friend [Nacho] Monreal has to defend. That is why I put [Angel] di Maria against Mertesacker and [Robin] van Persie against Monreal, that is why I changed for [James] Wilson, more pace.

Step three? Sit back and enjoy ...

That is what you are thinking in advance of a match and when it is ending like this, you can be happy.

TBB isn't quite sure which turn of phrase we enjoyed the most. "Our friend Monreal," is nice, but the promise of "Wilson, more pace" ... now, that's something we can get behind.