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Happy Eric Cantona day!

It's the anniversary of Eric Cantona joining Manchester United, so please share your memories.

Hamish Blair/Getty Images

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of a very special date - when King Eric Cantona decided to join Manchester United.

Of course, we could give you the usual stories - him only signing because of a conversation where Leeds tried to buy Denis Irwin. And we could post countless Youtube videos, that press conference, that goal against Sunderland, that volley against Liverpool in the cup, and oh, so much more.

But they've all been done to death and done a thousand times. So we ask you, TBB readers, to share your personal experiences with the greatest footballer who ever lived in the comments below. Tell us how he touched you, how he inspired you, how he helped you through your difficult childhood, your divorce, your midlife crisis, your terminal illness. How he inspired that sense of working-class defiance and power, all the wonderful ways in which he brought real, genuine glory into our lives.

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