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Watch all Eric Cantona's United goals here

It was 22 years ago today ...

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

November the 26th is a big date. In 1476, Vlad the Impaler assumed the rulership of Wallachia. In 1917, the National Hockey League formed in Canada. And in 1977, the Southern Television broadcast interruption took place: a mysterious voice called "Asteron" or "Gillon" broke into a Looney Tunes cartoon to warn TV viewers in the south-east of England that, by order of the "Intergalactic Mission", they had only a short time to learn to live together in peace. As anybody that's been out in Hastings on Christmas Eve will tell you, nobody was listening.

Most importantly, however, it was on the 26th November, 1992, that Manchester United signed Eric Cantona.

You know the rest. You know that he cost a mere £1.2m from Leeds, who were then champions and who are now in the Championship. You know that his arrival catalysed a disappointing side into an excellent one. You know that he won four league titles, two FA Cups, and provided the most literal (and therefore most righteous) interpretation of the principle of kicking racism out of football. You know that he liked his collar popped, his press conferences gnomic, and his retirements unexpected. You know that, in short, he is one of the finest footballers and finest human beings to grace this club, this rainy island, and this planet.

And you probably know that, in the process of becoming all of the above, he scored 82 goals. Here they all are. Asteron may have been lying to you, but Cantona really was out of this world.