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Ander Herrera and Jonny Evans return for Manchester United

The injury crisis rages on, but there's some comfort in the news that Ander Herrera and Jonny Evans are back and fit to be selected.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

TBB does not understand many things about our erstwhile dictator, and one of them has been his curious treatment of Ander Herrera. We've heard some specious stuff about him not wanting to rush players back from injury, yet Herrera was stuffed into a corset to put in a miserable display a few weeks ago, before being on the bench without getting a minute for several games after. Like we say, confusing.

But we may get to see him in action soon, assuming some vague sense of logic is guiding the decisions of Mr. Van Gaal, because he and Jonny Evans both had a shot at playing for the stiffs, beating Blackburn 5-0. And according to all reports, both were fairly impressive.

Whether they'll be ready to return at the weekend remains to be seen, but it would be surprised if Herrera didn't get a few minutes, at least. Marouane Fellaini's been doing very well and all, but surely to god Van Gaal doesn't prefer him in that position.