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Rojo out for up to SIX MONTHS?!?!?!? — reports

Six months! Or, three months. Or maybe six weeks. Nobody really seems to know.

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Shaun Botterill

Urgh. Remember the optimism of this morning, what with Rojo tweeting about being fine and everybody (read: tBB) getting hopeful that he might be back after the international break. Yeah, that might not be the case. He might be out for a while.

Quite how much of a while isn't clear, however. If you read the Daily Mail's headline, then he'll be out for three months; if you read the article, you'll see it's "at least six weeks". The Telegraph agree with their more hysterical right-wing counterparts. Over on the left, however, things are much worse. The Independent, are of the opinion that the poor lad "could be sidelined for six months".

Nothing from the club yet, so cross fingers, toes and the road to avoid that ladder you were about to walk underneath, you fool. Oh, and begin speculating wildly about which top class centre-backs United are going to attempt to buy before eventually splurging £12m on Ron Vlaar with two hours remaining in the transfer window.