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No action against Fellaini for "spitting"

The Manchester United midfielder will not be charged by the FA despite several newspapers enlarging photographs and using big red circles.

Laurence Griffiths

Good news, Manchester United fans! The FA will not take any action against Marouane Fellaini after television cameras appeared to catch him salivating near the prone form of Sergio Aguero. Which is an odd sentence. And, after last season, an odd thing to be considering good news. But hey, this is the future, and things are weird.

After the game, when asked about the incident, Louis van Gaal was clear that he didn't think there was anything in it. "The TV has shown that he is shouting and sometimes when you shout there's a little bit of saliva (that comes out) with it. I don't think that he's a spitting figure." Fellaini, for his part, was fairly contemptible of the whole business.

That said, TBB can't help but wonder what he was shouting. "Yes, I kicked you in the ankle, but the referee missed it, so sucks to be you."?