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United-supporting journalist starts singing in City pressbox

Because you would, wouldn't you?

Alex Livesey

For today's slice of light relief, we turn to Manchester City. Obviously, while their disastrous home loss to CSKA Moscow last night was very, very funny, simply laughing at the misfortunes of others is not the tBB way. Well, not when it occurs in a competition for which United, er, failed to qualify.

But thanks to the Mirror, we now know that one Russian journalist was so overcome with the events unfolding in front of him that he ...

... was almost thrown out of the Etihad Stadium last night after goading Manchester City fans with a chorus of "Glory, Glory Man United." The reporter broke into song following Yaya Toure's 81st-minute sending off.

Fine work, anonymous reporter. Fine work indeed. Particularly enjoyable is the fact that he went up not after a goal, but after a red card; that, we suspect, was particularly annoying to those around him. Oh look, we were right:

It wasn't well received by supporters in the Colin Bell Stand. A steward managed to shut the journalist up before he could be confronted by angry City fans sitting close to the press box. But, amazingly, the steward was told that he didn't have the authority to eject the Russian reporter from the stadium. He was allowed to continue working — and was later allowed into the press conference.

Better and better.

But City did take the journalist's details and are planning to name and shame him in a report to UEFA.

Oh, come along. No sense of humour, some people.