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Van Persie admits impact of Ferguson's retirement

Manchester United's striker acknowledges that he was affected by the departure of the man who brought him to Old Trafford.

Alex Livesey

Robin van Persie has been struggling for form for some time now, and speaking today to Dutch newspaper De Volksrant, he acknowledged that he is not at his best and may be overthinking his finishing as a result.

Three goals in nine games is not enough. Against Chelsea I had a nice chance and I had three options: chip it, go round the keeper or just [shoot] straight at the goal. I chose the last and safest. If I wouldn't have thought it over I would just chip it. I just have to trust again in my intuition.

He also addressed quotes from Rio Ferdinand, who recently claimed that while everybody at Old Trafford was caught off-guard by Alex Ferguson's decision to retire, it was Van Persie who took it the hardest.

Rio is a great guy. He talks a lot but there is some truth in that. My decision to come to Manchester was partly because of the presence of Ferguson, or excuse me, Sir Alex. And he told me he'd stay for another three years. I enjoyed his approach.

He does talk a lot, doesn't he? I suppose he's trying to shift all those hats.