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Central defender to miss Liverpool game

Chris Smalling, who limped off against Southampton on Monday evening, will be out for two weeks.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

At what point does this start to get funny? Manchester United's injury crisis started out as annoying, quickly got very annoying, then passed beyond that and into the realms of something irritating but permanent, like drizzle, or back pain, or calls from robots about your no-fault accident.

But when does it get so ridiculous that the only possible response is to laugh? Now, perhaps, with the news that Chris Smalling will be out for at least two weeks with a groin strain. Smalling, who has been playing quite well when he's not getting himself SENT OFF IN THE DERBY LIKE A TOTAL CLOWN, limped off on Monday night against Southampton, and will not play against Liverpool this Sunday or, most likely, Aston Villa the weekend after.

Not sure it's funny yet. Maybe it will only become funny when the next injury happens. Presumably Jonny Evans (just back from injury) and Marcos Rojo (likewise) will start on Sunday. The laughter will start half an hour later, when Evans trips over his own feet, knocks Rojo into an advertising board, and then clanks into a post. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha.