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Ander Herrera denies match-fixing

The Manchester United midfielder affirms his belief in "fair play, on and off the pitch".

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera has today denied being involved in a match-fixing scandal dating back to his time at Real Zaragoza. In a statement on his official Facebook page, the midfielder has reiterated that while he has been named in connection with the ongoing case, his connection is as a possible witness, not as the target of the allegations.

In an on-going legal process involving Real Zaragoza (Spain), the club I was honoured to play from 12 until 22 years of age, there are 41 people cited as possible witnesses, of which I am one.

I have never had and will never have anything to do with manipulating match results. If I am ever called to testify in any judicial hearing, I'll be happy to attend, as my conscience is totally clear.

The allegations stem from the final day of the 2010-11 La Liga season, when Real Zaragoza needed to beat Levante to remain in the top flight. They did so, securing a 2-1 victory. Earlier this year Atlético Madrid captain Gabi — then on loan at Zaragoza — admitted receiving money from the club president, though he denied this was used to pay Levante's players. The investigation continues.


Since publication, Herrera's statement has been tweaked slightly. Previously it read as noted above; now it reads "In an on-going legal process involving Real Zaragoza (Spain) ... there are 41 people mentioned, of which I am one." (TBB's emphasis.) The denial remains unaltered, however.