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Radamel Falcao would like to play football, please

United's Colombian striker is keen to get back on the pitch.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Radamel Falcao, Manchester United's fourth-choice striker, has been talking to the press. And it turns out that while he'd quite like to stay at United, he'd like to do so as a footballer rather than as an extremely expensive bench ornament.

From my point of view, yes, [I want to stay], but obviously I have to analyse the situation, see if I play more and see what decision the board takes. But I really want to stay.

Fitness has been the issue, of course, along with the undroppability of Wayne Rooney, the recent good form of Robin van Persie and the extra pace that James Wilson can offer. But Falcao is confident that he's getting back to his best shape.

I am very well, I'm almost at 100 per cent now, let's wait and see what the decision of the coach is, when he wants to use me more. Every footballer wants to play, no one is happy when they are not playing, when they are on the bench, but whenever I am given the opportunity, whether it be for 5, 10, 20 or 90 minutes, I have to give my best.

And when it comes to that coach, he's not indulging in any kind of

We talk a lot. He has a philosophy that I respect. I have had an injury and I have had to wait for the opportunity to play. I feel ready for the moment that the team needs me. Whenever I have the opportunity to come on, I try to do my best for the coach and I try to help the team. It's all good here, I am very happy in this city, in this club and I am enjoying it.

TBB suspects that with the busy Christmas schedule coming, Falcao will be starting sooner rather than later. Whether that means he'll be scoring, well, we'll see.