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Ángel Di María fit to face Aston Villa

Rejoice, for the great Ángel is back to spread festive cheer. And no, that's not the angel Gabriel.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The most pleasing news from Louis van Gaal's press conference today is that Manchester United will be complete with star midfielder Ángel Di María as they take on Paul Lambert's Aston Villa TITANS in the Midlands on Saturday. He was snapped in training today, and though he's not fully fit, the Argentine midfielder is likely to at least make the bench.

Di María hasn't played since he limped out of the Reds' Premier League victory over Hull City late last month. Interestingly, van Gaal today described that match as the closest thing to a "perfect" performance as United have put in since he took charge, though he admitted that "too few games we are dominating for 90 minutes."

Unfortunately, there is still no good news to report on the contract status of David de Gea. When questioned as to whether there had been any progress in talks with Big Dave, van Gaal replied in the negative. "Otherwise we would give that news," he added. Can't argue with that.