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Falcao can "only play for twenty minutes"

Manchester United's Colombian striker is still some way from full fitness, according to Louis van Gaal.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The Busby Babe is a glass-half-full kind of website. Optimism is our watchword, silver is the preferred colour of our linings. So when we see that Louis van Gaal has said that ...

I have selected [Radamel Falcao] in spite of the fact he can only play for 20 minutes. It would be a better contribution if he played with the second team, but I cannot do that because on Tuesday we had the match against Stoke and Wayne Rooney was injured.

... then we take the positives. By the standards of this season, twenty minutes isn't bad at all. That's nearly a quarter of a game! More than Phil Jones can manage. More than Jonny Evans can manage. More than Angel di Maria can manage. More than Luke Shaw can manage. More than Jesse Lingard ... well, you get the idea. So let's not be too downhearted about the fact that it's December and one of the most exciting forwards in the world still can't get his legs working properly.

Incidentally, Van Gaal is not interested in whether Falcao is unhappy with his bit-part role.

I am not interested in that. He has to follow my philosophy.

This Falcao thing. It isn't going to work out, is it?